Taken with my cel phone camera from Liberty State Park.


Current mood: missing Hawaii. Winter in NJ will do that to a girl.

Taken Thanksgiving weekend at the top of Bear Mountain in NY State. I got the sense of being out West up here…


Take a walk around the old reservoir in the Heights some Saturday afternoon. Not in use as a proper reservoir any longer, this preserved piece of history provides an urban oasis where you can replace concrete with wildlife (yes, birds, fish and butterflies!) for a brief while.

Details can be found here:

Monkey Gazing

Another shot from my visit to the Bronx Zoo. This monkey was getting his fur cleaned by the monkey in the background. I think he was going through a list of errands in his head. Wash bed sheets, sweep cage, clean swinging vines…


The Bronx Zoo has loads of stuff to see, but the gorillas always seem to fascinate me most. This one was sleeping soundly just beyond the glass partition, completely ignoring the throngs of human onlookers.

I took this one in our front yard after a morning rain. The sky was cloudy, but the sun managed to peek through at just the right moment…

Morning glory

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