Jersey City

The local newspaper has chosen to take me on as a stringer. You mean you can get paid to take the photographs?!

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So long, fair Heights. You have provided us with much drama and people to gawk at, but alas, we must shove on. Barrow Street is on our nearest horizon, along with the joys that Downtown will again bring us. Now to change our registration and license address in order to obtain thy parking permit and avoid das boot…

Is it dancing post-fry because it’s so happy to be delicious or is it dancing pre-fry in anticipation of what’s to come? They certainly aren’t encouraging the free delivery option, in either case. Taken with my cel phone camera while driving down Baldwin Ave., J.C.

Taken with my cel phone camera from Liberty State Park.

Taken with my cel phone camera in Gorden Park, Jersey City. The monument is in tribute to the fallen soldiers of WWI.

Hey, the window’s broken in the basement and we need to cover it up with something. What should we use? Oh wait, I’ve got the perfect thing…This creepy photo of a red-headed doll. Problem solved!

Taken in 2006. This lot has since been leveled to make way for some new construction. The neon letters in the factory window were part of an art installation which read: “It is green thinks nature even in the dark”.

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